Equal Opportunities

Our Equal Opportunities Policy

Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival (ASIAF) believes that the success of the Festival’s artistic programme depends upon improved accessibility.  ASIAF believes that this is not achieved solely by good publicity, open doors and special promotion, but by changing attitudes at all levels within the organisation towards those who currently do not have immediate access to the arts and by providing positive images of diverse races and cultures, and minority or discriminated-against groups in its programming.
ASIAF recognises that all individuals are different and should be treated fairly and equally in accordance with their needs.  In considering the equality of opportunity, ASIAF looks particularly at race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, faith, poverty and age and aims to ensure that no person is discriminated against or disadvantaged for their circumstances, identity and beliefs.
1. ASIAF is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity in its governance, management, employment practices and in the services it provides to the public. This policy applies to all members of the Festival board (including observers), staff and volunteers.
2. While the Festival Director and Board of Directors will be responsible for the monitoring and operation of this policy, it is the duty of every member of the Festival staff to ensure that the terms of the policy are observed.
1. Equal Opportunities issues are considered as part of the recruitment of trustees, as outlined in the Recruitment Policy, and the organisation proactively encourages a wider range of people to join the board as trustees or observers.
2. Equal Opportunities issues are considered as part of the recruitment of staff, as outlined in the Recruitment Policy, with all contracts advertised in national or regional print or appropriate digital media. 
3. The induction and training of new employees includes reference to and seeks the understanding of this Equal Opportunities Policy.
4. Equal opportunities issues are considered by all staff as part of the annual appraisal cycle, with targets as defined in the related Equality Action Plan incorporated into agreed appraisal objectives.
5. All staff are advised that racial or sexual harassment is a serious offence and that the Festival will not tolerate such behaviour in the fulfilment of staff duties; allegations of racial or sexual harassment will be dealt with under Festival’s grievance disciplinary procedures.
6. Any staff member who considers that he or she is suffering from unequal treatment on the grounds of race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, social background, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability may raise a complaint through the Festival’s grievance procedures.
7. Where financially viable, the Festival will undertake to provide special equipment and/or support for staff with disabilities.
1. ASIAF is committed to reflecting, through its programme content and the print and digital media used to promote it, the diverse world in which we live, demonstrating positive images of the equality of diverse cultures, races, religions, abilities and sexual orientations.
2. When programming we consider the importance of creating a culturally diverse programme that attracts a diverse audience, developing events which in particular welcome people who may feel excluded, i.e. people with disabilities, people with learning difficulties and people from low income households.
3. Wherever possible, work is programmed in venues that are fully accessible, and events are programmed across a range of venues to attract as diverse an audience as possible.
4. As part of our evaluation, we ask different groups of people what they think of our services, programming and information, using this data to inform the ways in which we make our offer yet more accessible.  
5. We strive to improve how we collect data relating to the people who deliver and/or access our programme who are affected by inequality.
This Equal Opportunities Policy is summarised on the Festival website, and is included in tender briefs given to potential suppliers and contractors to ensure they are aware that the organisation has an Equal Opportunities Policy and prefers to deal with suppliers and contractors who also promote equality of opportunity. 
Equal opportunities issues are explored in an annual team meeting, ensuring this Policy and the linked Equality Action Plan are updated and best-placed to support the ongoing development of the organisation’s approach to equal opportunities for all.

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