New Beginnings Poetry Project

In the run up to the 2015 festival we worked with Wiltshire’s Virtual School to create a poetry and writing project for children-in-care.  The young people, aged between 10 and 14 years, were all experiencing some kind of transition, either at home or at school and so the activity focused on the theme of new beginnings.


Workshops were led by Lesley Taylor of Pageturners, a Wiltshire organisation that seeks to inspire young people through projects that open books and minds.


The young participants created a range of beautiful poems and extracts of creative writing which were recorded visually and as audio recordings.  You can read some examples of their poetry below.


A new beginning is Begun

Counting Days

Exciting Futures Grown

Holding In Joyous Knowledge

Loving My New Outlook

Preventing Queasiness Rising

Stopping Treacherous ‘Umms’

Verifying What


Yearning like Zest.



After I worry, I almost hope,

I either go home,

Or I never go home,

For then I should think about the future,

Although the fear and dread come,

Because until I come home,

I will never be happy.

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