Virtual Landscapes

Alton Barnes White Horse


Virtual Landscapes enabled young people in Wiltshire to explore the heritage of their iconic and unique landscape, including the famous chalk hill figures - consisting of eight white horses and a collection of military badges. These chalk figures are a constant presence in the landscape but the communities there are often changing, especially in areas with military families. The young people used a variety of art forms to create digital artworks as their way of interpreting the chalk hill figures for the virtual world. Ideas put forward were their own folklore digital stories, short films, animations, music and music videos and digital artworks. 

Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival coordinated Virtual Landscapes, a Heritage Lottery Funded Young Roots project, on behalf of a partnership between Wiltshire Council’s Arts Service, Youth Arts Partnership (WYAP) and the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre (WSHC). The project worked closely with staff and young people from Wiltshire Council Youth Team and Integrated Youth Service.


Virtual Landscapes - Tidworth

A dance film produced by young people at Tidworth Youth Centre. The dance was devised and written by the young people with the help of professional dancer Corinna Cuff.  The group visited the Bulford Kiwi and Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre to learn about the history of the location, climb to the top of the chalk carving and experience the kiwi from close-up. Watch it here.

The dances and film were produced at workshop sessions, supported by Youth Development workers and filmed by Jamie McDine. Thanks to China White for the music.

Virtual Landscapes - Pewsey 

These songs and images were created by young people at Pewsey Youth Centre following a visit to Alton Barnes White Horse and Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre, where they learnt about the history of the white horse. Click on the following links to view them:

Song One - Song Two - Song Three

The work you can see here was made in workshop sessions at Pewsey Youth Centre, supported by Youth Development workers and mentored by artists Rowan Fulton and Elaine Copas.

Virtual Landscapes - Ludgershall

Young people from Ludgershall worked with artist Mark Bishop to create a digital response to the military landscape.  Their research included a visit to the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre.  The result is a fun, quirky film which demonstrates interactive and playful methods of engaging with the subject matter.  You can watch the film here


Virtual Landscapes - Westbury

As part of the project, young people from Westbury Youth Centre explored the bagdes at Fovant with archaeologist Rachel Foster to learn about the history of the location, climb to the top of the Iron Age hillfort and experience the badges from close-up. They then created two films devised, written and produced by the group of young people. 

For a short documentary on their visit to the Fovant Badges please click here.

To view their brilliant animated film please click here.

This project was completed in 2014.


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