22 May-
6 June 2015

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What's On


    • Street theatre
      24 May - 25 May 2015
      We fill every corner of the city centre with free street theatre, dance, circus and music, plus food and family fun in two packed days of entertainment for everyone
    • Family & Children
      25 May 2015
      Get messy, physical and creative for free at the Festival's much loved Play Day. 2pm - 6pm
    • Music
      25 May - 25 May 2015
      So often overlooked in favour of the ubiquitous string quartet, the string trio’s comparatively neglected repertoire is powered by major works by Mozart and Beethoven.
    • Literature & Debate
      25 May - 25 May 2015
      Best-selling novelist Victoria Hislop comes to the Festival to discuss her latest work of fiction, The Sunrise.

      This event has been moved to the Playhouse Main Stage
    • Film
      25 May - 25 May 2015
      12-year-old Vesyel and his family are struggling to adapt to a new life as refugees in Vienna. With his brother joining a street gang and his father a former Kurdish rebel, the threat of deportation is never far away. This film is part of an optional double-bill introduced by human rights activist and director Hüseyin Karabey.
    • Circus
      25 May - 25 May 2015
      Join Australia’s leading circus company Circa as they push the boundaries of acrobatics in a daring musical performance inspired by the curves and symmetries of the letter S.
    • Film
      25 May - 25 May 2015
      Following a suicide attempt, Cahit ends up in a psychiatric clinic in Hamburg, where he meets the rebellious Sibel, who shares his manic depressive tendencies.