22 May-
6 June 2015

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What's On


    • Street theatre
      24 May - 25 May 2015
      We fill every corner of the city centre with free street theatre, dance, circus and music, plus food and family fun in two packed days of entertainment for everyone
    • Literature & Debate
      24 May - 24 May 2015
      T E Lawrence was one of the most charismatic characters of the First World War and wrote an epic, personal account of the Arabs’ revolt against the Turks in Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Drawing on surviving letters, diaries, museum records and Foreign Office documents, acclaimed historian Anthony Sattin tells this story.
    • Film
      24 May - 24 May 2015
      A UK premiere introduced by director Hüseyin Karabey. Set in mountainous South Eastern Turkey, this captivating fable follows an elderly Kurdish woman and her granddaughter on a quest to save her son, wrongly imprisoned by the military whilst looking for hidden guns.
    • Theatre
      24 May - 24 May 2015
      Josephine is putting on a play with the help of her friends Boris and Sistahl. The play is about anorexia. With absurd physical theatre, original songs and personal struggle, Mess is darkly funny, deeply moving and incredibly bold.
    • Family & Children
      25 May 2015
      Get messy, physical and creative for free at the Festival's much loved Play Day. 2pm - 6pm
    • Music
      25 May - 25 May 2015
      So often overlooked in favour of the ubiquitous string quartet, the string trio’s comparatively neglected repertoire is powered by major works by Mozart and Beethoven.
    • Literature & Debate
      25 May - 25 May 2015
      Best-selling novelist Victoria Hislop comes to the Festival to discuss her latest work of fiction, The Sunrise.

      This event has been moved to the Playhouse Main Stage